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February 2010 003

My mom would like me to state that this in NO way is related to her plot to take over the world. Also she would like me to say that the bunny ears are in the $1 bins at the front of your Target stores.

Sick Baby Lotto

My daughter has a knack for timing. Jason's first day of school was Monday, and Monday evening she starting fussing up a storm. We both think... teething. It must be a tooth. My friend's twins are similar in age and have been doing the toothy fuss for a while. Needless to say by Tuesday morning, Jason and I were lacking a good portion of sleep.

I make it home Tuesday, and she's still fussy. The babysitter aka "Nana", thought she might be constipated (I think she's just gassy, as the "end product" though has been in small quantities, has been somewhat normal). However, paranoid as I am, I run to Wallyworld to buy every prune product made for baby. I make it back and she feels hot to the touch. I break out the thermometer and get a temp of 101.4 and then get out the baby Tylenol. I panic. I test the thermometer on myself and it says I have a mild fever. I have Jason call the doctor, while I go and buy one of those fancy temporal thermometers, that at a flick of a button can read a temperature and turn itself into a car (just kidding). The new thermometer puts her close to 101, but says I'm normal (as normal as I can be anyways). The doctor calls us back (it's after hours), runs through a series of questions, and then says if she's still got the fever in the morning to call and bring her in.

She only wanted to sleep on me or in her lamb swing last night, and even with the Tylenol her temp is still up there. So I called my boss at 4 am to tell him the situation, and I needed the rest of the day off. Oh... I was only supposed to work a half day today because I have my own doctor's appointment, which I've had to reschedule twice now, and I can't miss at this point because they will charge me an office visit because it's less than 24 hours notice. As soon as the Naomi's doctor's office opens I will call and try to get her in before mine, as my office can either get you in and out in 20 minutes or run three hours behind schedule. Oh, and based on her lack of outward symptoms besides the fever I'm guessing ear infection or UTI. I'll give an update later.

I need coffee.



Life is an adventure, and shopping in Tucson is much like the "nab the golden idol" Indiana Jones part of it. Though this is slightly inaccurate, I should say shopping in the summer. Why, you ask?

From May to late September, Tucson goes from nice to blast furnace in the blink of an eye. You can't leave things like CD's or other plastic errata in your car because the sun, in all of its nuclear glory with melt and warp the things until they are only good for recycling. It's so hot, that the news crews will occasionally try to cook a full course dinner in a car during August (it's hit or miss on some of the dishes). I personally have had Mickey Mouse branded into my palms from my steering wheel cover. Keep all of this in mind.

The two major malls in Tucson are poorly designed. Parking is a bear to say the least. Both malls have a small parking deck, and herein lies the problem. People here will fight to park there car under a sapling tree with three leaves, just for the meager shade it provided. So imagine, if you will, (Super HOT weekend + large air-conditioned building)/ Teeny Tiny Covered parking area = Small World War. Big SUVs from Sinaloa and Sonora vie for spots along with the Prius and Hummers of Tucson. It's not pretty. People will cuss you out in Spanish and English. Heaven forbid you forget to use your turn signal when waiting for a spot, because the five other people you stole that spot from WILL jump you. People like me, I just park in the sun and wish my baby's stroller was a Hov-a-Round instead of a Graco.

And all of those angry, hot people will go in the Mall and just stand there, or walk in packs seven deep so it's impossible to navigate the mall. Doesn't help that places with a high person to space ratio make me really nervous.

I would say I would look forward to October... but then the Christmas shopping crowd comes out.

The internet is looking good this year.

A Haiku for You

I have a baby
I like to wear clean t-shirts
The two do not mix

Apr. 22nd, 2009

The doctor put me on prednisone to help with the inflammation in my face and the tendinitis in my wrist. The lovely side effect of this is that I cannot sleep. At all. Nada. In the past 24 hours I have had two hours of sleep, and most of that time I remember the room spinning slightly. I don't remember getting up at midnight this morning and taking the baby from Jason, I just remember that unless Naomi had her pacifier in her mouth at all times she would wake up and cry, and since she would spit the thing out every ten minutes... well. For the past 36 hours or so she has taken fifteen minute catnaps but nothing long enough to be considered decent sleep. She's too interested in everything around her, and if you don't change her "entertainment" every 4 to 5 minutes she cries her little head off. I think though she finally crashed at 4:30 this morning and slept until 7:00. She just went out again about 20 minutes ago, and I'm hoping she will stay asleep for a while. Poor kid needs it. Poor momma needs it, but momma is on the anti-sleep pill for seven more days. Arrrrg!

On the other side I am making lovely progress on her dress since I was on binkie patrol last night.

I am broken.

So, I went to the doctor today because my head feels like it's going to explode, and rightly so said the doctor.

I have one sinus infection, two ear infections... and tendinitis in my left wrist (and I've had that since the end of February, but was too stubborn to go to the doctor then). I am officially broken, but at least I can be fixed. All the medications they gave me either will give me the munchies, give me heartburn, or keep me up all night long. Though at this point, all of that is old school as these have either been part of my pregnancy or side effects of having a newborn.

Knitting Again

I'm making this for the pumpkin, but subbing in pink for the blue. I'm hoping with her current growth rate that I'll have this done before she's able to fit into it.



I can has?

A Baby Story

Behind the cut, because I don't want to bog you down with pictures.

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I just wanted to let everybody know that I had the baby last night at 7:39 pm.

The short stats for now (I'll give details after I escape the hospital):

Naomi Grace Dyer
6lb 9oz.
19 in.

Everyone is doing well, although the baby is being stubborn and not being the best breastfeeder at the moment (heaven knows momma is trying on her end). Once I get the pictures from Jason's camera I'll post them here.

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